Blockchain Australia Week Kicks Off!

It’s a big week in Oz with Blockchain Week kicking off! Big sessions from Sam Bankman-Fried and Anatoly Yakovenko along with 200+ other speakers! It is both virtual and in-person at 6 venues spread out across the country.

200 Speakers including Anatoly and SBF !

Update: SBF Announces FTX Australia!

Read more about the announcement over at

Update: Anatoly presentation!

IRL Events Held Around Australia

Blockchain Week Australia Daily Schedules

Blockchain Week Australia – Day 1 – Sydney

Blockchain Week Australia – Day 2 – Sydney

Blockchain Week Australia – Day 3 – Melbourne

Blockchain Week Australia – Day 4 – Perth

Blockchain Week Australia – Day 5 – Brisbane

Make sure you Support and Attend Blockchain Week Australia!

More information at

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