Buildooors Fighting the Bear in the Solana Grizzlython

Since the 2nd February 2023 buildooors from around the world have been signing up for the latest Solana Hackathon – the Grizzlython. They have 6 weeks to build their team, product and present a finishing prototype by the 14th March 2023.

Sign-ups have crossed 5000 Buildooors!

Over the past couple of weeks it has been fun to watch on CT the growth of sign-ups to the current Solana Hackathon. Starting at 1000 sign-ups during the kick-off week we have seen it grow quickly to 5000 sign-ups a couple of weeks later.

7 In Real Life IRL Places to Meetup

Locations all around the world have formed up in a decentralised manner to support the Solana Grizzlython!

Singapore > Metacamp

Berlin > Superteam Build Station Berlin

Salt Lake City > MtnDAO Grizzlython Signup

Ho Chi Minh City > Superteam Build Station Vietnam

Bangalore > Superteam Build Station India

Delhi > Superteam Build Station India

Melbourne > Drift & Magic Eden Summer Camp

There are 7 tracks you can Build In

Check out more info at the Official Solana Grizzlython website!

Mobile – Solana Mobile Stack & Saga Phone

DEFI – Move the World from TradFi to an Open Financial System

Payments – Enable Global Payments to Happen on New Rails

Consumer – Apps for the Next Billion Users

Tools & Infrastructure – to Power the Whole Solana Ecosystem

Gaming – Enable Players to Own Their Assets

DAO’s & Network States – Support Internet First Organisations

Have you Signed Up to the Grizzlython? What are you Building?

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