Cyberwars Project Announced

At SOL X Ventures we absolutely love the Solana ecosystem. So much so, that we starting building for it! Our latest project is a futuristic shooter that will integrate in-game items that can be minted, traded or auctioned using the Metaplex open source Solana NFT protocol.

Cyberwars Prototype Demo Video

Cyberwars Announcement Tweet

Cyberwars Initial Roadmap

We are at the early prototyping stage, developing the first level, gameplay, characters, & weapons. From there will be finishing off San Francisco 2.0, with various side-missions including:

  • SOL Cafe – A place where you can chat with fellow solhackers
  • Nightclub – Hang out in the nightclub listening to the latest Audius beats
  • Cybertruck Racing – Lap around the streets of SF2 to win prizes.
  • Once Level 1 is complete, we will then integrate with Metaplex to enable in-game item NFT minting, trading & auctioning.
  • More levels
  • Launch on Android and PC
  • Multiplayer and launch on Apple devices / consoles.

The above Cyberwars Roadmap is 100% dependent on funding and has no target dates at this time.

Join the Cyberwars Solhack Squad

Cyberwars Solhack Squad

Stay Tuned for Updates at the SOL X Blog!

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