Deploying a Solana Dapp in 15 Minutes with Decentology

Just follow the 7 Step Solana Dapp Deployment Guide on the official Decentology Blog, or you can follow this guide with commentary.

Visit Decentology Dappstarter and Select Solana

The Solana Smart Contract features on Decentology are coming soon. Looks like the first one they will provide is creating a Solana SPL token!

Name it

Boom! Done

My new Solana Dapp code is ready over at Github

This repo is about 3 MB extracted or 1MB zipped.

As per the Github readme, there are some dependencies to install before you can get started on your local build.

From your local directory run the following commands:


‘Yarn’ will install dependences. This took 10 minutes. Just run it again if it errors out. Keep running it until you get this.

yarn install v1.22.5
[1/4] Resolving packages...
success Already up-to-date.
Done in 2.38s.

Let’s start the app up!

yarn start

To view your dapp, open your browser to http://localhost:5000

Dappiness !

More dapp fun to come… stay tuned

How Did Your Deployment Go? Comment Below…

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