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Yesterday we launched our first Solana Development Training Course over at! We have had 20 people enrol in the course!

Check out these new Recruit SOLdiers!

Building Solana Smart Contracts & dApps with James Bachini

  1. Getting Started With Solana
  2. Set Up A Solana Development Environment
  3. Writing A Smart Contract In Rust
  4. Deploying A Contract With NodeJS
  5. The Solana JSON Library
  6. Conclusion

Big thanks to James Bachini for allowing Solhack to re-purpose his existing blog post & video into course format!

About Me | James Bachini 2

So What Do You Learn About Solana Development

You get quizzed on content you read and videos you watch. The scores determine if you pass. Certificates coming soon!

Share Your Progress on the Social Solana Timeline!

Your progress gets posted into the Solana Timeline so you can keep up with everyone’s progress.

We have a Solana Q&A section so you can get your questions SOLved asap!

Each course comes with a dedicated forum so you can discuss with your fellow SOLdiers in recruit training!

Are You a Developer? Please help us get more course content !

We need more courses to help with future hackathons and to help build our ecosystem!

If you have any tutorial notes, screenshots & screen recordings just reach out to Solhack so we can turn this material into a full blown Solana 101 Training Course!

What other courses and tutorials should we make? Leave your suggestions here…

What are you Going to Learn Next?

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