Hacker House Melbourne Wrap-up!

Last week was huge for the Solana Australia Community of Buildooors! It was a pleasure to see a huge amount of people building on Solana all at one event in Port Melbourne, Australia. The Melbourne Hackerhouse event ran across 5 days between the 20th to the 24th of Feb.

Check out some sweet pro-video here of the event including cameo appearances by yours truly.

The Huge Timber Yard Venue was Amazing!

Solana Hackerhouse events are world-class. Everything from the week-long packed agenda, working spaces were full of devs & creatives, music & lighting vibes were all spot on.

The beer garden was epic with fantastic lunches served for the almighty buildooors.

Solana Pay + Decaf + Samo Collab for Some πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Melbourne Coffee

Both Coffee and Samo Merchandise were available to Hackerhouse attendees payable via Solana Pay, Decaf & Samo/USDC. Everytime you bought a coffee you would get a 50% discount and receive 100 SAMO coins. The coffee was delicious with some people becoming caffeine addicts having 15+ cups and raking in the SAMO’s.

A Big Week with a Packed Agenda

In traditional Solana Hackerhouse fashion the whole week was packed out with fun events, solana updates, ecosystem project presentations, industry panels, developer workshops, VC pitch and a project demo day!

A summary of each day’s agenda was provided below by the Official Hackerhouse Twitter.

Melbourne Hacker House – Day 1

Melbourne Hacker House – Day 2

Melbourne Hacker House – Day 3

Melbourne Hacker House – Day 4

Melbourne Hacker House – Day 5

Solana Development Workshop by Lab Eleven

Sohrab from Lab Eleven run an awesome workshop helping new developers build on Solana with the Better Call Sol app.

Solana Mobile had a Huge Presence at the HH & Preview Event

The Solana Mobile team were out in force running Saga information & developer presentations during the Hackerhouse. They also ran a Preview night earlier in the week going into more details about the upcoming phone and dropping some alpha! Great to see the “Wen Australia?” questions being answered about 5 mins into their video!

The Solana Mobile Saga was out in full display with touchable DVT-1’s running at a Saga Genius Bar table in the Hackerhouse.

Watch the full Solana Mobile Preview Event here!

Melbourne Fun Side Events

There were also a few great side events to attend including the “Party Down Under” by Magic Eden, Zeta Markets, Drift & Lotus/Lily, a Web3 Career’s Session at RMIT and many more (Luma).

Huge Thanks to the Solana Foundation Organisers & Planning Teams

You know who you are but all in all, the whole week was amazing! Looking forward to see more big events like this in the future in Australia!

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