How to Track Your Solana DeFi Bags

Solana Season is well and truly here! There are so many projects launching daily, some with new tokens. You can try your hand with providing new token liquidity to get some sweet APY. You can put on your straw hat and yield farm, and now even auto-compound aggregated yield farm!

The Solana Ecosystem is moving at a light speed, so here are some great platforms to help track your bags! As all are based off Solana, they are pretty simple to use. Just connect your wallet at the top right of the page!

Solana DeFi Tracking with Raydium

Raydium is the mother of Solana DeFi where you can provide liquidity, yield farm, dual-yield fusion pool and stake $RAY. From the platform itself you can track your assets and their performance.

Solana DeFi Tracking with Step Finance

With Step Finance you can not only track your wallet balances but also see detailed comparison of the best APY’s across all LP yield platforms.

Solana DeFi Tracking with Apeboard Finance

Apeboard Finance can show you your DeFi portfolio across Solana, but also ETH/BSC and Terra!

Solana DeFi Tracking with Sonar Watch

Sonar Watch helps you track your yield farming and liquidity pool performance via a simple dashboard.

Solana DeFi Tracking with Solfarm

Another beautiful addition to our Solana DeFi family is Solfarm! See all your LP yields aggregated on one page.

So What’s Your Favourite Way to Track Your Solana DeFi Bags?

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