Kinland Development Update

Kinland is a mobile game where you run around and collect $KIN. It is friendly for all ages we hope that it really gets crypto out to the masses!

Kinland Development Update Video

Below is the latest walk through of Kinland Beta. This demo video is awaiting the last integration with the Solana blockchain + $KIN SPL. Will be launching on Android once its completed!

Roadmap – Metaplex Gaming Marketplace

Once we get $KIN integration actually working and we ship v1.0, we will be heading straight into building up an NFT marketplace of the following Kinland items:

  • New player characters
  • Kin Pets, which help you fight the baddies
  • New weapons like swords and Nerf guns
  • Power ups to restore health, greater attack, greater health

Hoping to have all items be purchasable with KIN or SOL. More details to come.

If you guys haven’t checked out yet please do so! You will see how freaking awesome Solana Metaplex is.

Roadmap – Full blown multiplayer mode

Currently Kinland is single player versus AI’s. The AI’s for the cars need a bit of love, but does align to a monster apocalypse, as the cars keep crashing into each other šŸ™‚

With multiplayer, look forward to “Capture the KIN” and “KIN for the WIN” modes.

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Download the Beta Version

You can download the old Beta version at the Android Play store. We aren’t updating the Play Store until we integrate $KIN now! #lastmile

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