Learn Rust Programming with the Solhack Study Group

Over the past week we have had 31 people join the Rust Starters Solhack study group. A shout out to the Solhacker Heiko for kicking it off. The group started studying together on Sunday 13th June 2021, so plenty of time to catch up. There are 20 chapters in total.

You can also Quiz yourself against every chapter with the course we have created. It is free to all to join! You just have to create a Solhack account. Then just enrol in the How Rusty is Your Rust Lang course.

Solhack Rust Course Outline

The Solhack Discord

Our Discord has hit 544 Solhackers! What a bunch of legend! There are a load of helpful coders both learning and helping people around the world build on the Solana blockchain. Massive thanks to Chase & DeanMachine for the many suggestions to build up the discord and help to kick off the community. Check out the channels we have below!

What are you Waiting for?

It is free to join the courses, you have a 500+ strong solhacker community on Discord to help you. Got an idea for a project, roll up your sleeves and BUIDL it ! If you are already a Solana Master, then help out in the chat and forums. Thanks!

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