Memecoin Samoyedcoin Launches on Solana Blockchain!

Just a week ago the $SAMO coin was launched !

Then there was a viral social media frenzy airdrop… and just like that $SAMO was born!

$SAMO is a meme coin, and like doge coin, its price and success will ultimately depend on a strong community

So What is Samoyedcoin About?

Samoyedcoin ($SAMO) is Solana’s memecoin.

The samoyed or самоед is a breed of dog originating from Eastern Europe, same as Solana’s beloved cofounder Anatoly Yakovenko!

Not only is it the most adorable dog on any blockchain, it also bears the name of one of Solana’s ecosystem most prominent figures : Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of FTX, making it the perfect Solana doge!

It’s community-owned and fun! 

Official Samoyedcoin Website

A week later Samoyedcoin has amassed:

Show Me the Samoyedcoin Meme Competition Results!

Checking out the Samoyedcoin Discord MEME Channel we have compiled some memes over at the Solhack Samoyed Squad! All memes credited back to owners at Discord meme channel!

Big thanks to @MGCT8674 for the sweet meme! Representing the #SOLdiers !!!

How Do the Meme Coins Compare?

We didn’t know this was a thing, but you can actually filter by the Meme Coin Category. There were 41 coins in total. When will we get $SAMO on here? Time will tell…

What are the $SAMO Coinmetrics?

  • Max Supply – 14 000 000 000 $SAMO
  • Burn – 64% will be burned over 3 events (2.1% already burned)
  • Circulating – 14.4% already airdropped to the community (5.6% to be released gradually)
  • Other Allocations – 10% for marketing and growth, 3.9% Core team

Then there was a massive burn!

How Can I Get Some $SAMO?

Just follow the @samoyedcoin Twitter account to see if you can participate in any upcoming Meme contests. Alternatively, once the coins are out in the wild there are also other places to pick them up, as per this tweet. (Not financial advice)

So What’s on the Samoyedcoin Roadmap?

Got any ideas for the future of $SAMO? It is a community based project so get involved!

So Does this Meme Coin Have “Legs” ?

So will Samoyedcoin rival the 41 other Meme coins over at CMC? Will it grow up to be the big dog in town surpassing Dogecoin? Will $SAMO become the future currency of Earth?

Leave your comment or tweet below! You can even join our Samoyedcoin General Discussion Forum!

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