Metaplex Creator Studio to Power No Code NFT Collection Launches

The team over at Metaplex have released an excellent tool to enable artists and creators to release NFT collections without knowing any code!

You can any NFT – Open, 1 of 1 or a Collection

An artist can choose how they want to mint there collection. They have a lot of options around 1 of 1 editions, Candy Machine generative mints and Open editions.

Simple NFT Minting Process

You can easily following the process of minting your collection without knowing any code. Back in 2021 it used to be a difficult process of running your own website and hosting your own auctions. Times have changed!

Create Your Own NFT Minting Page

Metaplex handles all the website hosting and design by giving you a customisable mint page so you can focus on your NFT’s not the mint site.

This is a huge leap for artists or may not have the time or money to handle the minting process.

Check out the Creator Studio Docs!

Got questions? Check out the Creator Studio Gitbook docs or hit up the Metaplex discord.

What will you create?

Check out their website at Metaplex Creator Studio!

Let us know on Twitter how you went.

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