New Web3 CRM – Simpl3r helps NFT Projects Scale, Grow & Save Money

A new CRM solution that is specifically designed to help NFT projects grow their communities by saving time and resources through backend process automation is hitting the market. The team at Simpl3r have found product market fit delivering Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for sales, marketing and engagement. We interview the Founder and CEO of Simpl3r James Picton to share his Founder story and where they see their future roadmap.

Interview with Simpl3r Founder James Picton

Built from Frustrations in Launching the Bounty Hunters NFT Collection

What’s interesting with Simpl3r is they learnt through their frustrating experience launching and growing their Bounty Hunters NFT Collection. They experienced time-wasting spreadsheets that tracked a variety of activities that NFT communities often experience. These activities include tracking verified users, NFT holder address lists, granting discord access roles, keeping up with collabs, marketing for discord & twitter. They were able to combine all of these aspects into the Simpl3r platform which has sales, marketing & engagement hubs all integrated via a single easy-to-use website.

The Simpl3r Dashboard

The team at Simpl3r are busy building out super-useful tools that NFT projects can use to save time and money doing repetitive tasks. Check out the dashboard preview at their website.

Sales, Marketing & Engagement Tools

Simpl3r are creating tremendous value for NFT communities by combining a lot of Web2 sales, marketing and engagement tools into one place.

Feedback from Early Customers

Initial Products Being Launched

V3rify is a tool to help Discord community management by ensuring only verified NFT collection holders get access to specific Discord channels/roles.

Prot3ct is a NFT tool that ensures your NFT collection sales are honouring the royalty percentage. It is possible to brick the NFT remotely if the NFT interacts with a royalty avoiding marketplace. Also, if you Discord is managed by Simpl3r, they will remove any privileged Discord channel access also so this NFT holder is removed from the community.

Why is Prot3ct Needed?

Royalty payments for NFTs back to creators was one of the main innovations of NFT’s. If royalties are removed, then NFT projects will heavily rely on initial launch sales and have less motivation to provide ongoing value. This could lead to more pump & dump NFT collections. Until royalties are enforced in NFT standards or natively in the Layer 1 Solana Blockchain, then Prot3ct will be a viable solution.

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