Show Me the Solana Blockchain Statistics !

Rather than listening to the hype, it is better to show the stats of the Solana blockchain. Even though we are only in MainNet Beta and not fully launched, you can see Beta is blazing fast already averaging 128 Transactions Per Second (TPS).

A great place to view Solana Stats is over at Solana Beach. This dashboard shows some great metrics like the following:

  • Block Height – We are at 5.5 million on Solana MainNet Beta, counting up in a chain of blocks from the first genesis block
  • Block Time – This is how long it takes to mine a block. For Solana this is 400ms. Bitcoin block time is approx 10 mins and the Ethereum block time is 10 to 20 seconds (it gets adjusted for difficulty at times of congestion).
  • Current TPS – Transactions Per Second for Solana are insane when compared to other blockchains. MainNet Beta can get up to 65000 TPS with 200 nodes and can scale up
  • Total Transactions – Since genesis block nearly 300,000,000 transactions have occurred, at the time of writing.
  • Validator Nodes – You can also see the active list of ~62 validator nodes, their SOL staking percentage and last vote health.
Solana Validator Node List

Solana Provided Metrics

In the mid-2019 Solana documented their blockchain performance via their medium blog and video upload.

Solana’s Internal Scalability Test (July 2019 – Full Results)

You can now see real-time stats via their Solana Metrics Dashboard. This is a Grafana dashboard showing Node Count, Av TPS, Max TPS Total Transactions, Total Votes, Confirmation Times, along with a bunch of other metrics. As per the following screenshot, the Max TPS in the last 5 minutes was 285 !

It’s important to note, there are data discrepancies in the data between Solana Beach and Solana Metrics. At the time of writing, the node count was 21.5% off, with Solana Metrics tracking 79 nodes. We have a lot more info about each validator node name at Solana Beach, so this data may be more trustworthy.

MetricSolana BeachSolana Metrics
Node Count6279
Average TPS128129

What Solana Blockchain Performance Stats Do You Want to See?

Let us know on twitter @solanablog if you would like some stats chased up.

Take care and stay safe !


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