.SOL Solana Naming Service Updated !

We have been following Solana Naming Service (.SOL Domains) for a while now – pretty much 1 year ago when they launched! Since launch, 176,738 .SOL domains have been created. Back then though, we found someone audacious enough to list a SEX.SOL domain for 50,000 $SOL ! We also compared the Solana Naming Service to the equivalent Ethereum Name Service.

Check out our first post here dated 1st July 2021: Link

Huge Updates from Bonfida recently released!

The creators of the Solana Naming Service are the team at Bonfida, who have recently updated their website. It is pretty slick, check it out here! Especially impressive is their Solana Naming Service site here.

On the backend of the Solana Naming Service smart contract is their V2 contract. The new updates have some improvements to stop spam, add multi-language support and allow referral fees for other marketplaces/front-ends to sell .SOL domains.

Check out the SNS Leaderboard!

Top 10 solana domains listed above, with (diamond).sol coming in at number 1 for a price of $60,141.21

So What .SOL Domain are you going to Register?

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