SOL Update: Solana Auction Completed, SOL Listed on Binance, Awaiting MainNet

There has never been a more exciting time in the Solana Ecosystem then now!

On March 24th, 2020 closed their Launch Auction over at CoinList, successfully selling 8 million SOL tokens. This was done via a Dutch Auction, starting at $4.00 then decreasing in increments down to when they all sold out at $0.22

When SOL on Exchanges? Now!

It has also been an exciting week of exchange listings, with Bilaxy listing on the 7th Apr 2020 – SOL / USDT.

On 8th Apr 2020, Hoo Exchange also listed SOL / USDT.

and Hotbit also listed SOL on the same day! This time with SOL/USDT and SOL/BTC pairs.

After being postponed 24 hours, on the 10th Apr 2020, the massive Binance exchange listed Solana! SOL/BTC, SOL/BNB and SOL/BUSD. This saw the price rise from the CoinList Auction price of $0.22 all the way up to approx $1.21 and now back to around $0.80.

This is Not Financial Advice

Just to repeat, we are not recommending any buy or sell of the Solana SOL Token. What we are excited about, is seeing this new project having liquidity on exchanges. This is exciting if you need SOL to build things, mint things in future and help secure the network through validation.

SOL has an Exciting Future! Stay Tuned

Keen to see what amazing dapps get built on Solana, and with the crazy transactions per second this blockchain is delivering in MainNet Beta, it’s going to be awesome to watch!

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