Solana Breakpoint Conference Day One

Huge day for Solana at the Breakpoint conference in Lisbon. The whole Solana team is here, along with a lot of the Solana ecosystem, including projects, partners and investors. Watch the full day on Twitch TV for LX Factory here:

The main LX feed has also been clipped up into individual talks if you don’t wanna scan through the full 9 hours!

Concurrent Speakers at LXFactory, Sud & Estufa Fria

There are 3 venues all running presentations in parallel. It makes you feel like your at a multistage music festival where its physically impossible to watch all the cool speakers 🙂

View the Solana Breakpoint Conference agenda for Day 1 – 8th November 2021 here!

3pm – which would you choose?

Some more photos of the event taken by SB!

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Highlight – Brendan Eich & Anatoly Yakovenko

A huge highlight today was hearing from Brendan Eich who created JavaScript, co-founded Mozilla and now CEO Brave. There is some massive integrations with native Solana support coming to Brave browser next year and it’s gonna be awesome! (typing this blog post in Brave rn)

Stay tuned for Solana Breakpoint Day 2!

(Will keep embedding the other venue streaming links once available.)

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