Solana ChatGPT Plugin Released

Introducing the ChatGPT Plugin by Solana Labs for the Solana blockchain! This powerful tool simplifies interaction with Solana. In this guide, we’ll explore its features and how to use it effectively. Let’s dive in!

The Solana ChatGPT GitHub Repository

The ChatGPT Plugin’s codebase is available on GitHub, accompanied by permissive licensing. You can access the repository to review the code, contribute, or use it as a reference for building your own projects.

Features and Example Queries

Fetch Account Balance

  • Query: “What is the balance of MY-WALLET-ADDRESS?”
  • Response: Retrieves the Solana balance associated with the specified wallet address.

Interpret Solana Accounts

  • Query: “What data is in ACCOUNT-ADDRESS?”
  • Response: Provides information about the Solana account, including the account owner, SOL balance, and any human-readable data stored in the account (if the owner program has an Anchor IDL).

Interpret Solana Transactions

  • Query: “What happened in transaction TRANSACTION-ID?”
  • Response: Returns details about the specified transaction, along with any human-readable information about program instructions (if the programs have Anchor IDLs).

Find NFTs for a Wallet

  • Query: “What NFTs does MY-WALLET-ADDRESS own?”
  • Response: Lists the NFTs owned by the given wallet address along with their metadata. In case of a large number of NFTs, you can request the plugin to list them five at a time.

Inspect Wallet Activity

  • Query: “What are the latest transactions for WALLET-ADDRESS?”
  • Response: Enables you to explore on-chain activity by providing details about the most recent transactions associated with the specified wallet address.

Search NFT Collections by Name or Floor Price

  • Query: “Can you find me the cheapest Mad Lads NFT for sale?”
  • Response: Allows you to search NFT collections based on name or sort them by floor price, catering to your specific preferences.

Note: To support this plugin’s NFT collection search functionality, it relies on Hyperspace’s API.

Calculate Wallet Value

  • Query: “What is the value of MY-ADDRESS?”
  • Response: Calculates the estimated value of all tokens and NFTs owned by the given wallet address, presenting the values in USD. Please keep in mind that these values may fluctuate due to market changes, and the price estimates are sourced from HelloMoon’s API.

An AI Building Block for the Open Source Solana Ecosystem

Github Repo:

The ChatGPT Plugin by Solana Labs is a valuable addition to the Solana ecosystem, streamlining interactions with the blockchain and simplifying queries. From fetching account balances to exploring NFT collections, this plugin offers a range of functionalities that can enhance your experience with the Solana blockchain. With its permissive licensing, you can use it as a reference or contribute to its development on GitHub. Harness the power of the ChatGPT Plugin and delve into the exciting world of Solana blockchain!

Are you Building an AI Project on Solana?

Make sure you check out the Solana AI Grants here!

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