Solana Dapps to be Powered by AI

Solana Foundation announced today a series of initiatives related to artificial intelligence (AI) on Solana, ranging from chatbots to accelerators to grant programs. Anatoly Yakovenko, the co-founder and CEO of Solana Labs, recently talked about his vision for AI on Solana and how it can make the platform more accessible and intuitive for users and developers.

It feels like it’s as big of a shift as when Microsoft Windows and the computer mouse were first introduced. 

Anatoly Yakovenko

Key talking points by Anatoly

  • He believes that AI can enable a new paradigm of interacting with computers through natural language, similar to how Microsoft Windows and the mouse revolutionized the user interface in the past. He thinks that every developer building consumer-oriented apps on Solana should consider how their app can be integrated with an AI model that can understand and execute complex actions.
  • Anatoly says that AI can make Solana more usable and understandable because crypto APIs are superior to traditional finance APIs in terms of trustlessness, programmability, and security. He says that an AI that can deploy smart contracts and do transactions on Solana is more powerful than one that can’t.
  • He talks about the Solana ChatGPT plugin, which allows users to interact with the Solana blockchain through text, is one of the examples of how AI can be applied to Solana. He says that the plugin was easy to build and it can provide a text-based block explorer that can describe objects on-chain, such as NFT accounts. He hopes that the plugin will eventually be able to write to the chain as well, but that’s still a work in progress.
  • Anatoly explains that Solana’s speed and low cost are key advantages for AI applications, as they enable a smooth user experience and a fast feedback loop. He says that Solana is cheap and fast enough for ChatGPT to run transactions within its loop, which means that the machine interface to the chain is affordable and efficient.
  • Anatoly admits that we are still in the early stage of discovering what AI can do on Solana, but he thinks it’s important enough to invest resources and provide reference examples for developers to start building their applications with AI in mind.

Check out this Solana ChatGPT Plugin Demo Video

The Solana team run through how to install the plugin into OpenAI’s ChatGPT website as a plugin, then do some cool queries using normal chat on the Solana Blockchain.

How to Start Buildoooring on Solana with AI

If you are interested in learning more about AI on Solana, check out some of the projects and programs that are happening right now:

  • ChatGPT plugin: A text interface for interacting with the Solana blockchain using natural language. You can try it out here:
  • SolanaU Accelerator: A program that supports startups building on Solana with funding, mentorship, and exposure. You can learn more about them here:
  • Solana Grants Program: A program that provides funding for projects that contribute to the growth and innovation of the Solana ecosystem. You can apply for a grant here:

We are Building too! Introducing HeyToly!

We want to talk to our Saga’s and tell it to do cool stuff on-chain. It’s open source, feel free to contribute!

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