Solana Summer Camp Hackathon Winners

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Another huge Solana Hackathon has been successfully completed by 18,000 participants whom submitted 750 final projects from all around the world! The coolest thing about this one is the Solana team coordinated a whole bunch of Solana Hacker Houses to coincide with the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon dates between 11th July 2022 and 16th August 2022.

Summer Camp Solana Hackathon Prizes

ā€œIā€™m thrilled to see the projects that have launched on Solana during Summer Camp… From payments to governance, games to finance to mobile, the builders in the Solana ecosystem are paving the way for mass adoption of blockchain technology.ā€

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of Solana Labs

Solana Summer Camp Hackathon Projects List

Browse through all the ~750 Projects here!

The Winners of the Solana Hackathon!

Ironforge took the number 1 spot for this years champion winning $65k USDC and tickets to Solana Breakpoint in Lisbon, Portugal in early November 2022. Ironforge helps you build better frontends faster; simplifies program iteration; and provides comprehensive log, metric, and event monitoring. Check out the official Solana news post here for the full winner list!

Check out the Ironforge MVP demo vide above or their blog to get a good overview how Ironforge works!

Accounts & Transactions API
Console to view API and program logs, track events, view API usage metrics, and more

Winners of the Payment Track

View the Sphere Presentation
  1. Sphere, offers custodial and non-custodial payments solutions to help SMB owners, NFT creators, and companies seamlessly accept Solana payments, increase customer engagement, and manage their online crypto store, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. StellarSOL, which allows users to buy from Amazon and others with USDC via Solana Pay.
  3. Solfront, a no-code way for merchants to accept crypto payment links and receive USD.
  4. CandyPay, a no-code builder powering mobile NFT experiences.
  5. Monstre, which enables easy access to crypto payments via NFT gift cards.

Winners of the Gaming Track

RPG Quest Demo Video
  1. RPG Quest, a lightweight, pixel multicharacter, play-to-earn dungeon game built using Phaser, powered by Metaplex. They won the $50,000 USDC Gaming track award!
  2. DeBeats, a decentralized music NFT game built on Solana where you can play, create and earn.
  3. Artemi, a GPS-based gamified launchpad that lets creators distribute their NFTs in real-life locations.
  4. DreamOS, which turns web3 into an extension of your Mac or PC, which enables users to manage gaming and other assets across dApps.
  5. Aimdrop, an on-chain wallet analysis solution for Web3 marketing with Semi-Fungible Tokens, especially applicable for Web3 gaming projects.

DAOs Track

  1. Bastion, which allows a DAO to become a wallet that transacts across Solana dApps and signs governance proposals, which secured a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Xpipe, which brings real-world financial rails to DAOs.
  3. Daonetes, which is system that gives developers a decentralized way to run workloads and deploy software.
  4. DAO Chat, a decentralized mobile chat app and chrome extension allowing easy, secure communication between members of DAOs.
  5. Epics DAO, a decentralized crowdsourcing platform for open-source software development.

DeFi Track

Dual Finance Presentation
  1. Dual Finance, which provides automated risk management of structured products via gamma scalping, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Tensor Trade, a high performance NFT marketplace that provides pro traders advanced features.
  3. Lulo, a decentralized order book lending protocol.
  4. Props, a decentralized sports exchange using liquidity pools on Solana.
  5. Ona, a social trading platform on Solana that allows you to create or invest in perp trades with friends.

Web3 Track

Ora Website
  1. Ora, a search engine for blockchain data using AI for human-readable queries, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Spling, an open, composable protocol for social media apps on Solana.
  3. the100, a TV channel system built on Solana.
  4. Seahorse, a system for writing Solana programs in python, built on anchor.
  5. Better Call Sol, the missing Solana client.

Mobile Track

  1. BlockLive, a fast, easy, and transparent event management and ticketing app built on Solana, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. CINI, a next generation film camera ready to revolutionize the photo space with a capture and earn model.
  3. Effisend, a mobile-first wallet, cash out ramp and point of sale super app.
  4. kSol, a native Android library for everything needed to interact with Solana blockchain, as well as a wallet built on top with Mobile-Wallet-Adapter support.
  5. Chataverse, an NFT-gated community social app.

Other Award Winners

  • The University Award, which recognizes excellence from a project led by university students, went to Solstamps, software designed to solve email phishing by linking user identities to Solana wallets, receiving a $30k USDC prize for the project.
  • The Community Choice Award, voted on by the larger Solana community, went to Beluga, a stableswap AMM that enables lower slippage and creation of permissionless pools, receiving a $10k USDC prize for the project.
  • The Climate Award, recognizing projects that are built with climate change and sustainability to mind, went to WiHi, a decentralized weather forecasting and climate monitoring solution that issues tokens as a reward to weather stations providing accurate data to the network, receiving a $10k USDC prize for the project.

Hope to see you in the next Hacker House or Hackathon! Keep Building

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