Riptide Hackathon Winners

The global Riptide Hackathon has now finished and there are a load of new projects who have won prizes and received recognition for their efforts over the past 6 weeks! This 7000 person strong event was the 5th Solana Hackathon – check out the previous Solana hackathons here. It is great to see the Solana Ecosystem diversifying across the following areas of Payments, DeFi, Web3, Gaming & DAO’s. Sponsors included Google, Visa, Jump Crypto, Samsung NEXT, MonkeDAO, Mango and of course Solana Ventures with $5 million in prizes. Check out the full submission list here!

The Grand Champion!

Cronos, an on-chain task scheduler that allows users to schedule instructions, received the Grand Champion prize of $65,000 in USDC, along with passes to attend Breakpoint, the annual Solana conference in Lisbon Nov. 4-7, 2022, where they will present their project.

Solana News

Winners in the Payments track!

Solana Pay has been a boon for the Solana Ecosystem. Solana has released an open, fast & direct-to-merchant payment that developers can quickly implement that utilises the benefits of the Solana technology stack. It is great to see so many submissions in the payments track of the Hackathon, as the Solana Pay was only announced in February 2022, only 2 months ago!

  1. mtnPay, a suite of payment solutions that include an iOS point-of-sale app, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Tiplink, a single-link payment solution.
  3. Commerce DAO, a fully integrated web3 commerce payment stack.
  4. NiftyPay, a tool that allows creators to add NFT-linked access to real life events.
  5. Elfo Protocol, a subscription payments protocol.

Honorable mentions:

Who Won the DeFi Track!

DeFi projects was an early focus in the Solana Ecosystem, as one of the major sponsors of both Solana itself and the early Hackathons was Serum / FTX. Fantastic to see that project count is still growing.

Updated May 2022

You can see for yourself, the total Total Value Locked (TVL) in the Solana ecosystem over at Defillama, when compared to other Solana projects and other blockchain ecosystems too! When looking at USD TVL, be considerate that market price of Solana also effects this graph, so also looking at SOL TVL is recommended to see actual usage and total value locked when measured by SOL price. At time of writing, there is $6.3B USD TVL in Solana ecosystem of DeFi apps, versus $114B USD TVL in Ethereum ecosystem. There is plenty of growth possible for the Solana ecosystem! The better the product UX, there is also more mainstream Fintech marketshare to be unlocked too!

Updated May 2022

The Solana Riptide Hackathon DeFi winners:

Otter Cash
  1. Otter Cash, a privacy layer for Solana, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Advent, a fixed-rate borrow/lend protocol with concentrated liquidity.
  3. Million Finance, self-balancing, non-custodial index funds that also generate yield.
  4. OptiFi, a derivatives DEX with a portfolio-based margining approach and partial liquidations engine.
  5. zkSwap, a zero-knowledge AMM.

Honorable mentions:

Web3 Track

  1. Wordcel, a decentralized publishing stack that enables creators to publish, distribute and monetize their work on-chain, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Crossmint, an SDK to allow NFT creators to accept credit card payments.
  3. Tensor, which provides robust pricing data on NFTs.
  4. RealityCoin, a protocol encouraging people to create real-world maps for the metaverse.  
  5. DeGit, a decentralized Git repository.

Honorable mentions:

Gaming Track

  1. Strangemood, a decentralized gaming platform and marketplace that allows users to build their own storefronts, securing a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Rogue Star, a futuristic, space shooter-inspired MMORPG.
  3. SolRace, a drive-to-earn racing game.
  4. LadderCaster, a DAO-based NFT strategy game.
  5. Badbeat Poker, an NFT-powered poker community.

Honorable mentions:

DAOs Track

Strata Launchpad
  1. Strata Launchpad, a protocol that allows users to easily launch their own tokens, which secured a prize of $50,000 in USDC.
  2. Slide, an expense management tool for DAOs.
  3. Gilder, which allows users to interact with DAOs via a mobile app.
  4. Tokr, an open-source protocol for financing real-world assets.
  5., a decentralized social media platform.

Honorable mentions:

Community Prizes

The Community Choice award went to ReadON, a project which uses a GameFi structure to incentivize a reading lifestyle, receiving a $10k USDC prize for the project.

The following winners will receive $30k USDC unless otherwise specified, sponsored by the Solana Ecosystem!

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