Solana Riptide Hackathon

A couple of times a year, there is a Solana Hackathon that gets bigger than the last. This is now the 5th Solana Hackathon! There are loads of quality projects born that then go on to raise money and build cool shit! Right now, the Solana Riptide Hackathon contenders are busy building the next generation of Web3, including DAOs, DeFi, NFT, Payments and Blockchain Games!

Official Link to >>> Riptide Hackathon

During this period, there are also “Project Mayhem”-styled, Solana Hacker Houses popping up all around the world. It is quite a sight to see, so if you’re in LA, Seattle, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, Hong Kong or Prague check them out for sure!

LA Hacker House went off!

Singapore Hacker House is currently looking great!

So What’s the Solana Hackathon About?

You are given a shortened timeframe to build a team of devs, product owners, marketers, to build a prototype product and put it out to market so see if it achieves product-market fit asap. Build it > test it > validate it works with users. For the Solana Riptide Hackathon, you have between the 2nd February 2022 to 17th March 2022. During Hackathon sign-up, you are given the option to find new team members.

Assuming you can grind your way through the 6 weeks, you will then be asked to submit your project so that it can be reviewed by a panel of judges. A lot of previous Hackathon winners have gone on to raise seed funding and launch multi-million dollar business!

Work Hard Play Hard – What’s the Winnings?

With a total of over $5 million in prize money to win, there is a lot of incentive for teams to push hard to deliver. The grand champion with receive 3 passes to the next Solana Conference. This is not something to joke at, the previous Solana Breakpoint conference tickets went for $1000 USD or $4000 USD for VIP.

At the end of the Hackathon, the Grand Champion will also be able to present to a panel of judges and the wider Solana community along with get a massive $65,000 !

The Solana Community will also have their say and be able to vote for their favourite Riptide project, with the winning project receiving an exclusive NFT and $10,000 in the bank.

Solana Ecosystem Integrations

The Solana Ecosystem is also giving back, with some of these projects being born inside of previous hackathons. If you integrate their product into your project you may receive a sponsored prize of $30,000 !

So What Needs to Be Built?

Probably the best ideas are literally given to you from the ongoing Live Streams that are happening for each Track.

The Official Solana Riptide Hackathon Kick-Off

Blockchain Gaming

Solana Pay

Using the power of Solana blockchains speed, low fees and composability, this will be a super exciting foundational layer where future payment business models will be developed.

Web3 & DAO’s

Cut the bloated corporate management processes and automate it as much as possible. This is the way truly global decentralised organised will be run where all holders of the NFT or Token have ownership and governance of the DAO.

Previous Solana Hackathons

Solana Riptide Hackathon, comes from a proud historic lineage of grinding and eating glass. Read more about the previous 4 Solana Hackathons below!

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