Solana Season Video 2 Just Dropped on Twitch SolanaTV

Solana TV on Twitch just dropped video two chatting to a Crypto featuring Jason Choi, Santiago Santos, and Imran Khan. These guys are also on the Solana Hackathon judging panel! So Hackers need to tune in!

  • Jason Choi – General Partner at the Spartan Group
  • Santiago Santos – Managing Partner at ParaFi
  • Imran Khan – Investor at Volt Capital

Solana Season – Twitch TV Link – Episode 2

A lot of great discussions by super-smart guys in the Crypto space. Topics discussed include global Crypto regulations and what cool stuff could be built on Solana for the ongoing Solana Hackathon, such as new primitives to be built in DeFi, NFT and Gaming. For anyone setting up a new Token allocation, also listen in on some key learnings of what NOT to do.

UPDATE! Video 3 just dropped with CEO of Solana Anatoly Yakovenko and Circle CEO (USDC) Jeremy Allaire!

Solana Season – Twitch TV Link – Episode 3

If you missed it, check out the Solana SZN Opening ceremony last week !

Solana Season – Twitch TV Link – Episode 1

Listen to Anatoly and Raj talk about what cool stuff needs to be built in the Solana Ecosystem and the launch of the SolanaSZN Hackathon!

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