Fractal Joins the Solana Gaming Community

There has been some huge news in the Solana gaming space in recent months and this latest news is massive! When the co-founder of Twitch builds a startup you know you have to pay attention!

Fractal is a marketplace for gaming NFTs: durable assets that let you do something inside a gaming universe. Our mission is to create an open platform for the free exchange of digital goods. We’ll do that by partnering with the best gaming companies launching NFTs and building tools that help them reach their customers at scale.

Fractal Blog – Justin Kan

Fractal Marketplace Sneak Peak

As you can see it is a portal where game players can discover gaming NFTs, including drops from upcoming games and the Fractal Marketplace will also enable secondary sales, where players can sell p2p to each other.

The Stacked Team

  • Justin Kan – cofounded Twitch and an advisor to decentralized projects like Theta and Audius
  • Robin Chan – founded/sold mobile gaming company XPD Media to Zynga
  • David Wurtz – cofounder of Google Drive and advisor to Shopify
  • Mike Angell – twenty year e-commerce veteran, previously at Fast & Shopify

Fractal socials are blowing up with 10K Twitter followers in a few days!

The Blockchain Gaming Opportunity is Huge

In its first two years Fortnite made $9B in revenue primarily from selling skins. The business model of gaming has shifted away from game sales revenue to selling items and skins that have durable in-game value to players.

Fractal Blog – Justin Kan

Now these skins are minted in the blockchain with provable ownership of the digital asset. This technology now unlocks potential for players to own their assets, now it is up to the gaming industry to build more blockchain games and come up with even more innovative ways to scale this new business model.

Solana is becoming home to more games!

The growth of Solana Gaming is going to be pretty massive. There are lots of gaming projects choosing Solana due to its high speed and low fees. The development doesn’t stop and people keep building, regardless of market ups and downs. Fractal plays an essential role in the Solana Gaming Ecosystem where it helps gamer discover, buy and sell gaming NFT’s and looking forward to what they can do next!

What do you think of blockchain gaming? Comment below!

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