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Welcome to the first post in a series about the announced partners that Solana has teamed up with. These partners will help Solana scale, integrate into other platforms and enter into new industry verticals. The full list of announcements is in their official blog partners section, or listed in the Binance Research Solana page.

What is Pocket?

Pocket are building a decentralised network of nodes that provide API solutions for various blockchains. This is based of the success that Infura had that were specific to only Ethereum and IPFS.

3:54 minute overview of Pocket

Official Solana & Pocket Partnership Announcements

Pocket on Twitter, 20th May 2020
Solana on Twitter, 21st May 2020

How will they Help Solana Network?

Rather than developers building applications that depend on centralised API servers that are subject to rising prices and limited access to gather blockchain data, they can now use the decentralised Pocket network.

Developers only need to build their applications to talk to one interface for multiple blockchains. Solana has been added this growing list of blockchains.

When Solana developers will be able to use the Pocket SDK, Pocket Network will trustlessly coordinate that developer’s connection to any Solana node running Pocket Core alongside their setup.

Pocket Official Medium Blog

But is not just about Dapp developers getting one API interface to get multiple blockchain data, Pocket also provides extra incentives for Solana Archiver Nodes.

While Archivers are incentivized to store data, Pocket enables further incentivization on the *reads* for data. This is done through Archivers within Solana submitting proofs of relays in the form of zero-knowledge range proofs (ZKRP’s) to the Pocket blockchain that represent each read (or API) request they have serviced.

Pocket Official Medium Blog

Are Pocket still a Solana Partner?

As per their website, blockchain projects that parnered include the following:


It is important to note, that it appears Pocket currently is only offering services for the following to blockchains: Ethereum & POA.


Solana.Blog will keep watching, to see when Pocket provide Solana API services on their network.

Anything Cool Upcoming?

Hell yes. Their POKT MainNet is launching on 28th July 2020 !

You can read more on how their Pocket Network and POKT tokenomics work here:

Pocket Network uses a native cryptocurrency (POKT) to create a permissionless, two-sided market between node providers who run full nodes and developers that want to query data from a blockchain for their application/service. POKT is purchased and staked by both developers and node providers to participate in the network. Due to the unique incentives on each side of the market, staking differs between the parties.

Looking forward to more Solana Partner Analysis?

Stay tuned to Solana.Blog as we review (and update) all partnership announcements on a regular basis. Please comment below on our blog or via twitter if you would like any more analysis done! Thanks


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